Places I have lived

On my walk today, I thought about how pretty Washington, DC is.   I take it for granted, walking in a lovely manicured park along the Potomac River.  People out in canoes, and kayaks, people biking and walking.

I started to think about all the lovely places I have lived.

— Boston with the Charles River and the Bay

— Minneapolis with its parks and lakes

— Denver looking up to the Rocky Mountains

— Oakland across the Bay from San Francisco

— Dunedin, Florida, 8 blocks from white sand beaches on the Gulf of Mexico

— The Hague, The Netherlands, with the beaches at Scheveningen and, of course,  the flowers

— Lugano, Switzerland, overlooking Lake Lugano and the Italian Alps

— Bogota, Colombia, atop the Andes Mountains

— Rangoon, Burma, with its Pagodas

— Mexico City, with it parks surrounded by mountains

— Austin, Texas, overlooking Lake Travis

— Moscow, Russia, with all its parks and trees, and of course the Kremlin by the river

And I was trying to think of something nice to say about Lagos, Nigeria, but I had some difficulty.  We lived in a nice house on the Bay, and we had neighbors who kept turkeys.

gobble gobble


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