I managed to get my hands on a copy of Hidden Immigrants by Linda Bell.  Just leafing through it I came upon this paragraph.  It describes me at the moment.  Working away.


Of Careers and Goals


I basically left home when I was 16 by going to boarding school.  From a very young age I traveled a lot by myself.  That was good.  But it prepared me to deal with loneliness too, and do things on my own.  But that can be good.  For instance, writing a book is a very lonely experience.

Linda Bell,  Hidden Immigrants


  1. The nice thing about having a blog is you can always reach out to your readers if you’re feeling lonely. Some of us are out here and listening. And the good news is you’re “working away!”

  2. Darlene makes a good point.
    The thing I found about boarding school was how difficult it was to be alone. The only place you were guaranteed privacy was in a locked toilet stall. Still, despite being surrounded by people, it was no barrier to loneliness.
    I don’t feel lonely when I write, I’m in my own company – we’re comfortable together, me, myself & I! But I can feel incredibly lonely among people I can’t relate to.

  3. I have to be alone when I write–otherwise there’s too much distraction for me to focus. But I don’t think of it as loneliness, because I’m too engaged in the writing process to be lonely. However, sometimes it requires effort, and it’s like working. Still, it’s the only work I like to do, these days!
    Best of luck with your book!

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