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Kathleen grew up moving from country to country. She was born in Burma and lived in Mexico, Colombia, Nigeria, Switzerland and the US. Expat Alien takes you through her memories of each new place and the challenges of adapting to and adopting each new country. With each move there was a chance to re-invent herself and learn about new cultures and geography. Her hardest move is to her passport country where she suffers from “reverse” culture shock. As an adult she finally learns her own tribe is called Third Culture Kids and they all have experienced the same ups and downs of being a global nomads. Kathleen takes it a step farther and crosses over to being an adult expat in Russia and raising her own Third Culture Kid.

Follow Kathleen on her journey through the ups and downs of being a Third Culture Kid.


      1. I ordered a copy too. My husband grew up overseas and his family experienced a coup in Ethiopia 1976, and they owned a small plane company and had some plane crashes, and army ants too. My family is Midwestern with Mills connection, and thus I am very much looking forward to reading your book.

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