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It’s funny how memory plays tricks on you.  I could have sworn it never got hot in Denver.  And why would it be hotter there than Oakland, CA?  But otherwise this looks about right.  Lagos was the wettest heat so always felt much hotter and Florida was just HOT.

We are on our 11th straight day of temperatures above 95 degrees in Washington DC.  We are beating all kinds of records.  Climate change, anyone?

Weather plays such an important part in our lives either consciously or subconsciously.  But it is amazing how people adapt to it.  In Bogota it rained almost every single day of the year.  I learned to never leave the house without being prepared for rain no matter what it looked like at the moment.

It took me a while, but in Minneapolis I learned to dress in layers and to wear very warm boots.  Hat and gloves were always stuffed into my pockets.  I was cold the first couple of years I lived there but managed to fix that, so when I moved to Moscow I was never cold.  I had learned.

Lugano was deceiving.  It was in the middle of the Swiss/Italian Alps but the climate was mild.  It never got too cold and there were palm trees growing around the lake.

I will confirm that Washington DC is the worst.  The city was built on top of a swamp so it is wet and humid.  It is in the south but just barely so it kind of thinks it is in the north.  It gets a little snow most years but rarely lasts.  It is in-between everything and has the worst of everything.  Wet, humid, hot, and sometimes cold.

Right now it is just HOT.

The best weather was Mexico City.  Never too hot or too cold.

But then there was the altitude…..

What was your best weather?


Awesome photo taken by my cousin’s husband in British Columbia

My cousin’s husband and her 18 year old son are riding their motorcycles from Minnesota to Alaska.  So far they have waded through a herd of cattle, patiently waited for a bear to get off the road, and nearly collided with sheep.  Sounds nothing like my daily commute.

Today it hit 98 degrees F in the nation’s capital.  Way too hot for city living.  It’s that time of year.  I’m not going to Alaska, unfortunately, but I am headed north.

I’m going “home” to see my parents and various other family members.  My father is apparently working on some genealogy project so it looks like a couple of old family graveyards are in my future as well.

And I’m looking forward to having a couple of pints with old friends.