My son just returned from ten days in Russia. He spent the first six years of his life living in Moscow and this was his pilgrimage back in time with his father. He raced around Moscow with his Russian cousin, Vasya, who drove him all over the city at breakneck speed. “The traffic was scary”. They rode to the top of the Ostankino tower.


And looked down.


They explored Gorky Park and the statue graves of Lenin and Stalin.



Drive by’s of the University


and the famous soviet couple – the worker and the kolkhoz woman – outside the old Russian Exhibition Center.


Of course they spent time at the cemetery to see relatives who have since died and paid their respects to favorite uncles.


It all looks a little dark and dreary to me but he assured me that Moscow is much nicer now than he remembered it. He had been studying Cyrillic before he left and reported that most signs were now in both Russian and Latin text so he could read them easily.

It was fun for me to hear his stories of all the places he visited in the city we called home for so many years. St Basil's certainly looks as beautiful as ever!