I needed a new couch.
I gave my old one away.
I found the perfect couch.
Super comfortable.
Perfect color.
Nice size.
I fell in love with it.
I ordered it.
I paid for it.
I had to wait two weeks for delivery.

It didn’t fit in the elevator.
Too big.

I know better than to fall in love with anything.
I usually don’t care that much.
But it was a really nice couch.
So back to square one.
And believe me,
there are not very many comfortable couches.
There aren’t even
very many nice looking ones.
And I know I won’t see that color again.
I want to pay 12,000 dollars
which I don’t.

I took a quiz
on one furniture store website.
It told me my style is
Contemporary Chic.
But then it didn’t give me any examples
or show me any possibilities.
What is that about?
They did send me a $25 off coupon though…

This is the picture they showed of what
Contemporary Chic looks like but
it doesn’t exist on their website.
I don’t really like it that much.

This is my old couch
in its new home.

So after sitting on many sofas,
I found this one.
It isn’t perfect but I got a
red chair to go with it.
And it is comfortable.

Now I have to wait another
two weeks for it to show up.