Life in America has always been an adjustment for me even though I have carried a US passport since birth.  I landed here almost 10 years ago after a 9 year stretch in Moscow, Russia.  Now, I’m not saying that was a breeze but at least there I had a reason for being different and not understanding people.  I have no idea who is on American Idol or any of those reality shows everybody seems to follow.  The only reality show I like is House Hunters International.  But I do kind of wonder why and how people decide on a place to live in three short days…  I guess it’s all part of the adventure.

I hope you will join me in this adventure.



  1. Shhh…Don’t tell anyone…but I’ve lived in the US all my life and I don’t get American Idol either. And I don’t even know who the stars on Dancing with the Stars are!

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