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I have updated my TCK/Expat page to include films as well as some additional books.  Check it out.

I recently watched The Road Home.  It is a short film – 24 minutes.  I watched it twice.  It is about a boy with Indian roots who has lived around the world.  His father sends him to boarding school in India and everybody thinks he is Indian but he only speaks English and says he is English.  So, confused about who he is, where he is from, not feeling Indian but looking Indian.  Sound familiar to anybody?

The director is currently working on expanding the film into a longer version with plot twists and adventure.  I think it might lose some of its intimate charm, but we will have to see.  In the meantime, have a look.  You can rent this film and watch it on-line here.

Another one that is currently airing at Film Festivals around the country is Shanghai Calling.  I have watched the trailer and it looks like a good comedy.  A man with Chinese roots who grew up in New York City finds himself sent to live in China for work.  He knows nothing about Chinese culture or language but people think he does because he looks Chinese.  I look forward to seeing it.  You can see the trailer here.


  1. Hi Kathleen, I’m the director of the short film “The Road Home” and I stumbled across your comments. I just thought I’d write and let you know that while the feature film script is different from the short film in its story structure, I assure you that I delve deeper into the TCK themes in the feature. In fact, not only does the feature continue where the short film left off, I’d wager the feature film will have as much or more intimacy than the short. But I’ll let you be the judge of that when the feature comes out! Hope you enjoyed the short film!

    1. Rahul – thanks for stopping by. I enjoyed the short film very much. Watched it twice in a row. I follow you on Facebook and look forward to seeing the feature.

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