Salzburg Sound of Music

Sound of Music cow






Hollywood is alive and well in Salzburg, Austria.

When we visited, my sister-in-law insisted we could not forego the Sound of Music Tour.  We groaned, but we followed along and ended up seeing some beautiful countryside.

SM back of bus













Luckily, this was NOT the tour that we took.

SM house

View of the house from the other side of the lake.

SM trees

Tree-lined path around the lake.

SM summer house

The gazebo had been moved to a new location.














We sped by Red Bull Headquarters.


The movie wedding took place in a church outside of Salzburg in a village on a lake.

SM Basilica

The Church














It was pink inside!














We wandered around the village for a while and came upon a shop selling traditional Austrian outfits.  My son bought a beautiful jacket.  He looks Austrian, now, right?