Food Friday: “Greek” Pepper Salad





I have made this salad since time began.  It originally came from some long forgotten vegetarian cookbook.  I have amended it and added to it and taken away from it and lost the recipe and made it up all over again and then found it.  Anyway, everything is up to interpretation as far as I can see.  I eat it as a side to grilled chicken or salmon.  Sometimes I take it for my lunch and add some cold ham to it.

I call it a “Greek” salad since it seems kind of Greek-y to me but it could be just “Mediterranean”.

Go wild!

“Greek” Pepper Salad


3 green bell peppers – cut into pieces

1 red bell pepper – cut into pieces

1-2 green onions – chopped

Wet “seed” part removed












1 – 2 cucumbers  –  peeled and cut into pieces ( I use an English cucumber and I cut out the center “seed” part so it isn’t so wet.)



Feta cheese – crumbled (about 4 oz, 115 grms or if you like feta use as much as you like)  Do not use the creamy kind, tho, that would be kinda messy


I just put everything on top of the above and mix it up.  But you could mix it separately and pour it over if you prefer.

1 tsp basil

½ tsp marjoram (I never seem to have any of this so just leave it out)

¼ tsp oregano

¼ cup olive oil

2 Tbsp fresh lemon juice

Black Pepper to taste  ( I like a lot)

(I never add salt because the Feta can be pretty salty)

This is better after it sits for a while so everything can mingle for a while.



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