st Patrick’s cathedral

on Vacation

Store display window NYC

I met some friends in New York City who were on vacation visiting the USA from another country. I spent my weekend in another language and another culture. I have to admit it was super fun. It felt like I was getting an international vacation without leaving the country. Being a Third Culture Kid, I felt very comfortable. I just wish my language skills weren’t so rusty. I could understand everything but had difficulty expressing myself as well as I would have liked.

The really funny thing is I discovered that almost everybody in NYC speaks Spanish. It even got to a point where it seemed odd when somebody spoke English.

The first night our dinner reservation was at 10:30 pm. NYC really is the city that never sleeps! The next night we dined early – 9:00. We ate well, discovered some great rooftop bars, and even managed to squeeze in a trip to a museum.

NYC was hot, humid, crowded, and wonderful!